Mortgage Brokers and White Label Connection Software

With the rise of technological innovation within the property industry today, mortgage brokers can provide a variety of added services to their clients. One of these services is to help moving customers to connect and disconnect their utilities. It’s a great way brokers are adding value to their service offering and provide much-needed assistance. With professional white label utility connection software, brokers can handle their customers utilities easily and effortlessly.  

When mortgage brokers use utility connection software they can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. The system offers you an innovative CRM platform as well as complete reporting and reconciliation capabilities. They can also self brand and automate e-mail and SMS communications to their clients. They will also have the option of providing customers with a complete online move journey or a personal concierge service that will assist their customers with their entire home move.

Utility Connections

One aspect that clients often need help with is their utility connections. Utilities need to be disconnected at their old home and reconnected at their new home. This can often be time-consuming and clients don’t always know how to get this done. This is where white label utility connection software comes in and empowers businesses to have a utility connection business of their own and complete their customers whole move journey end to end. Best of all – this white label solution is free.

Bill Review Service

Movinghub offers complete white label utility connection technology to mortgage brokers that includes offering a bill review service to clients who are not moving but refinancing their mortgage. It makes sense for customers to review recurring bills such as energy, broadband and insurances on a regular basis to ensure they are on competitive plans that don’t see them paying more than they have to for essential services.

Movinghub technology is backed by a solid support team, which means that customers will always have the help they need. Your business can be set up to use the software within minutes with full training provided. It’s so easy to use with a great partner user interface to enjoy, as well, as a partner app that enables the user to manage business on the road conveniently.

Movinghub allows businesses in the property and finance industries the ability to provide a complete service to their customers and in turn earn a commission every time a service is used or connected.

There are many benefits to using the white label utility connection software. It will add value to your existing services, as well as boost your client engagement and allow you to create marketable content, establishing yourself as a leader in the industry. Partnering with Movinghub provides you with a white label solution that can build your valued brand, enhance your business and provide an adjacent revenue stream.
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