What is a Movologist and how can they help?

Movinghub has created industry changing technology to offer your clients a complete home moving service, however, they sweeten this deal by also offering your clients access to the Movologist service. What is a Movologist you ask? Think of a Movologist as your very own personal moving concierge. Someone who calls you and talks you through everything you need to arrange when you move.

We all know moving home can be stressful. There’s the packing, the cleaning, the heavy boxes, moving furniture, packing the truck, setting up utilities… the list of jobs is endless and often we feel like it’s getting on top of us. This is where a Movologist can step in and take all of this burden away.

When you refer a client to Movinghub one of our Movologists will be assigned to contact them and organise there move over the phone. Their Movologist will discuss the latest plans and offers from our leading electricity and gas providers and arrange their connections with companies that best suit their budget. There is also the possibility the Movolgist can transfer your clients existing electricity and gas connection to their new property if they’re happy with their current provider.

Movologists can also arrange the water connection with their local water company so that is another job ticked off the moving list.

What about internet, I hear you say! Internet connection is now an essential service so the  Movologist will have that covered too. Your clients can either continue with their existing service or discuss plans that Movinghub have on offer to see if they can get a better deal. Movinghub is partnered with market leading providers so rest assured that our Movologist can arrange a good and trusted service for your client.

What about packing belongings or moving the furniture and boxes from one home to another? A Movologist can arrange for 2 – 3 different removals and packing companies to call your client and give them a free no obligation quote on whatever needs to be moved or packed. Whether it’s packing china, crockery, glassware or clothes your items can be carefully individually wrapped and packed into boxes by a company that best suits their needs. Or if packing is not required maybe your client needs someone just to do all the heavy lifting on the big move day. That’s where the removalist quote can also be arranged a to contact and quote your client.

The Movologists services don’t stop there, they can arrange so much more in the one phone call. Whether your clients need end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, maintenance, gardening, insurance, solar panels, locksmiths and more, their Movologist can discuss the services and with a few clicks of a button they can either book it in or arrange for the service providers to call your client back so they don’t have to spend time on hold.

The Movinghub Movologists are genuinely dream assistants that just want to make your clients home move a positive, smooth and enjoyable experience. Oh and did we mention it’s free? That’s right, you or your customers do not pay to use the Movologist service at all. So what do you have to lose? Put your trust in a Movologist and offer a personal concierge service to all of your moving clients.