Proptech company Movinghub, understand the importance of additional revenue streams for your real estate business, whether it be property or asset management, mortgage brokers, or lenders. Movinghub has created a revenue-generating service that you can offer your captive customer base by simply extending your service proposition with utility connection and home services when your clients move and beyond. All of this is offered seamlessly via the white-labelled Movinghub software solution completely under your company umbrella. 

Property management companies, mortgage brokers and rental agencies all maintain many relationships with customers who rent from their respective real estate portfolios. For the vast majority of these organizations, the relationship (and by extension, the revenue) ends immediately once the rental agreement is terminated by the customer.

Movinghub has created a revenue ‘bridge’ between rental notification of termination up to and including services required for the customers new rental location.

This bridging of services provides your clients with an extended customer engagement for services related to the new location, creating a major point of differentiation that you can offer. You have in effect created a ‘one-stop solution’ for your business and commercial partners with value adds to existing services that your customers can take full advantage from.

Movinghub, an industry leader in utility connection and home services software, has designed a simple but effective solution for your business to offer services not normally provided by property management, mortgage brokers or rental agencies alike. Some of the most popular are listed here:

  • Electricity and Gas services
  • Pay-TV and Broadband connection services
  • Bill review service
  • Removalists
  • Electrician and Plumbing services
  • Packing / Unpacking services
  • General moving services
  • Locksmiths
  • Cleaning services
  • And more

Movinghub’s SaaS solution software is easy to get up and running. Setup is in minutes with Movinghub taking care of the rest. You will have your company logo on all communication and web pages to ensure a seamless client or customer experience from beginning to end. Your customers will see and hear only your branding over phone calls and email and SMS communication.

Movinghub’s White Labelling services are provided at no cost to your business or agency.

When your customers complete the online information for services requested, you will receive a notification to advise you that a customer will be contacted. Movinghub’s team representative, a Movologist, will contact the customer on your behalf. Movologists are specialists trained to represent your company in order to maintain continuity with your brand. Movinghub’s team will be there to support your customer throughout the move if required.

Movinghub also offer various packages that provide different functions depending on the needs and size of your business. One of those functions is the ability to service your clients end to end using your own phone assistant or centre. Visit the Movinghub website to learn more about the options available to you and your business.

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