Movinghub – The White Label Utility Connections & Home Services Solution

Do you run or work for a software company specialising in the proptech space? 

Does your business currently offer a self branded utility connections and home services solution to affiliates?

If you answered no to the second question, then I now ask you, why not?

Utility Connections and home services are a necessity that are essential through any customers’ life journey. Your partners, estate agents, property managers, mortgage brokers etc… are always going to look for these add on services that make a customers life easy. This is why Movinghub provides a customisable white label solution. By becoming a software affiliate you will have the ability to  create your own branded utility connections and home services offering literally within minutes!

Let’s talk some more about the benefits your business will see from using Movinghub.

Complete Solution – As you already know creating software is time and money, however, becoming a Movinghub software affiliate eliminates that problem because the solution is built and ready to go. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and our technology has been evolving and developing based on what our partners and their customers need now and in the future.

Seamless Integration Software companies are able to seamlessly integrate with Movinghub’s affiliate ecosystem. This enables them to build their own unique customer experience through leveraging Movinghub’s affiliate dashboard and API’s. There are also various integration options available to suit your business needs.

White Label the White LabelOffer your partners a branded utility connections and home services solution all under your brand or allow them to access the solution and use the service under their own brand. Movinghub empowers businesses to strengthen their own brand and value proposition so they don’t need to send their customers somewhere else.

Gain Access to the Movinghub Marketplace – Movinghub has spent years building a vast marketplace of leading service providers that continues to grow. Depending on the business size, these partnerships can take time to negotiate. By working with Movinghub your business has access to offering and using these great service brands  without the work. You simply turn on the home services you would  like to offer and also activate the brands who will provide the services. It’s that simple!

The Movinghub Marketplace also offers you the option to invite providers you currently use to  register with us and then have their business exposed to our partners and their customers.

TransparencyThis is really important to us, Movinghub believes transparency is key to any business partnership and so, our technology allows its users to stay in complete control of their customers and track every transaction with real-time reporting.

  • View your referrals instantly
  • Follow the customer journey from referral to completion
  • Always keep control of your client data, you own it
  • View commission rewards right from when the client uses a service to when you have been paid
  • Monitor insights about the most popular services your customers use
  • Know who your best sales agents are, know which offices are performing better and many more insights, all within your Movinghub dashboard

Adjacent Revenue Stream Your business along with your partners business will receive commissions for each connection and every time a service is used.. The way the commission is shared is entirely up to you and you are able to adjust this via the Hub (Movinghub platform) as well as view total commissions earned.

Free Concierge ServiceMovinghub offers a concierge service to assist customers with utility connections and arranging home services that can be utilised by any affiliate business. We refer to our assistants as Movologists who are trained  experts in all things moving and who nurture customers through the whole move experience. Our Movologists can also provide the extra service of offering non moving customers a home review that allows the customer to reassess their bills and get a better deal with other providers.

Take a tour of Movinghub’s products and learn about the functions and features available to your business.

Thousands  of partners within the property industry around the world use Movinghub  technology and the feedback has been extremely positive . Here is what Michael Day from teclet had to say about our platform and the value we add to their business.

“Movinghub services are accessed easily via the teclet platform. Customers can handle their utility switching and select their energy, broadband and media supplier via Movinghub’s self-service platform or via their Movologists, who will be delighted to handle arrangements on the tenants or landlords behalf.

Our seamless integration means that users of the teclet platform benefit from automatic data transfer and less manual and duplicated entry of information.

Agents using teclet gain from additional revenue streams generated via Movinghub from a wide range of services including utility switching, broadband, pay TV, cleaning, electrical, plumbing, gardening, building, removals, landlord and tenant insurance, contents insurance, key management and security.

Feedback from our teclet users has been very positive on both the ease of use in accessing, and via the actual services provided.

Teclet are delighted to have Movinghub as an integrated API partner.”

Michael S Day  teclet

You’re probably wondering, ‘how much this will all cost?’ We have various packages available to suit any business wanting to use Movinghub starting with our free Basic Package (that’s right, free). You can work your way up to  paid options that see your business earn higher commissions, have total control over your customer experience and added functionality within the system. Feel free to use our calculator and view what your business can potentially earn by using our solution.

I’m sure you will agree that there are many benefits to using this type of service in any business. The ease at which it can be turned on and utilised, not only by your software company but also by your affiliates,  is very attractive. Visit Movinghub to learn more or contact us today. It’s a win, win for all involved.